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Years of international operations experience have been condensed in my "toolbox" of solution-oriented approaches. An entry into effective works – with you - on your challenges.

Below you will find a selection of concrete support offers:


Reaching „Can do“ level

Personal Coaching is recognized more and more as a powerful approach to personal development in order to keep up with demanding challenges. Key Players are expected to deliver, high quality decisions in time with effective communication and tenacious action.

Self-Reflection, resilience and decision-making capabilities are the mandatory ingredients for that.

Coaching@Operations sets its focus on your operational reality as an Executive. You will develop new perspectives, new ideas of action and improve plans and implementation works. Conversations at „eyes level“ permit to increase your professional capabilities and to handle critical issues.

Concrete supports may range from commenting your key presentations to commenting your strategic plan and its implementation – sparring you at your level boosts creativity and complementing your way of doing with our experiences.

Feedback and advise complements your self-reflection and continuous practice means that your „can do“ portfolio grows. You lead and decide without having to decide how, why, when and with whom….–


You subconsciously just do it!

Impulse lectures

An authentic presentation based on operational reality may be a first step to launch your improvement endeavour.

Ideas take-off, lively exchanges take place and new thoughts are awoken. The audience will be invited to self-reflect and discuss challenging themes. The hidden potential will be identified and the possibility to change becomes more evident.


•           How to work effectively with French people – view from an expat

•           From promise to realisation – Focused on Operations?

•           Everything under Control? – Limits of operation systems

If you have a particular issue not listed, please let us know – we are happy to come and help implement a new way forward!


„A mind once stretched doesn’t narrow again“

Intelligent, thought out strategies which are well well formulated, but end in chaos– Communication, Events, Flyers… and the operational organisation struggles to implement this – does it sound familiar?

Often employees prefer self-reduction. Not taking responsibility in fear of associated imagined risks and unclear concrete benefits.

Individual, intense, confidential conversations build the basis for my Stretch-Workshops – a powerful approach identifying blockades in thoughts and feelings towards a company strategic intend.

Missing knowledge, abilities will be uncovered – the sense for adaptive work is laid and people enjoy first concrete steps

A week is enough:

•           Two days of preparation and personal conversations

•           1,5 days a joint workshop

•           A day debriefing


Weekly telephone calls or visios in the style of Coaching@Operations lead to further consolidation of what has been recognised, make personal successes visible and thus support change work.

ACA GmbH combines the know-how of five executives with extensive experience from the aviation, automotive and railway industries. Together with my partners Dr. Thomas Lehmann, Joachim Rödiger, Stephan Barlet and our large network, I am able to deal with complex issues along the entire value chain of your company, even on a larger scale.

We are currently optimizing the supply chain organization of a mechanical engineering company and advising the management of a European merger in the defense sector.

Get to know our comprehensive range of services and experience us thru one of our Quick Checks. 

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