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Bert Stegkemper


„Knowing is not enough; we must be capable to apply. 
Willing is not enough, we must do.“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



  • Increasing the implementation competence

  • Extending self-management, leadership skills and culture

  • Content Mentoring – experts’ advice

  • Sparring at eye level – unbiased & challenging

  • Creative catalyst - maturing of your ideas and approaches



  • Expert team from Operations, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources and Finance

  • High quality support in crisis and change situations

  • Realignment and future shaping of your company

  • Strategy deployment with your management team

  • Active, sustainable implementation with your local employees



  • Outstanding German – French expertise

  • Corporate development in international joint ventures

  • Accompaniment in post-merger integration phases

  • International team development with supervisory boards, boards, suppliers and institutions

  • Crisis & conflict management

  • Individual coaching of leaders, e.g. Interface of German branch to the French "mother"


Values are the lighthouses giving us orientation. In Operations it’s Integrity, Effectiveness , Perseverance, and Passion showing us the way to success.

Principles help in daily action- being on-time fort the promised deliveries in quantity and quality is the base for fulfilling contract obligations and customers’ expectations.

Respectful, fair, sincere, agile and result oriented Cooperation are the visible signs of ones’ performance attitude.


A down-to-earth born in 1960, married and two already grown children.
As third of 5 sons, I was molded by my extended family, the entrepreneurial environment of a SME carpenters’ business.


Following decades of international operational execution practices built up my intercultural experiences and I regard myself as a European, having been curious about the world since my early days. My openness drives me to discover new subjects, link them to proven coherences and to realize goals with purpose.

A relation based on partnership is the base for successful collaboration

With an optimistic attitude, I face professional and personal challenges in a serene, positive and perseverant manner.

Such properties shape my working practices as well as my structured, conceptual thinking and acting. My enthusiasm and motivation capability permit myself to coach or mentor and act as an uncomplicated and reliable team-player. This, being based on tolerance, respect and appreciation as essential ingredients for an effective collaboration. 

I am looking forward to supporting you in your challenges with such qualifications and experiences. It’s my claim to understand you and your business – working with full dedication on realizing your development potential and jointly form, achieve and even surpass your self-set goals.

Since 2016

Managing director and founder ofStegkemper GmbH

Co-founder of

ACA – Aerospace Consultancy Associates

2012 – 2014

Member of the Management Committee - SVP Sourcing, Quality & Continuous Improvement – Alstom Transport

2006 – 2011

Member of the Management Board of the Eurocopter Group (now Airbus Helicopters)

- EVP Global Supply Chain -

Eurocopter / EADS

1995 – 2000

VP delivery centres Hamburg and Toulouse – Deutsche Airbus GmbH / Airbus Industries, Toulouse

1987 – 1989

Systems Engineer for Flight Control and Navigation Systems B727 and B737 – Deutsche Lufthansa (DLH) AG, Hamburg

2002 – 2006

Managing Director ECD GmbH (subsidiary of EurocopterSAS) - General Manager / Senior Vice President – Eurocopter Deutschland (ECD) GmbH / EADS

2000 – 2002

Head of EADS Post Merger Integration – DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG GmbH / EADS, Hamburg, Toulouse

1991 – 1995

Head of DLH AG Representation – Airbus Industries, Toulouse / Südfrankreich

1989 – 1991

Programme Manager Airbus A300, A310, A340 – Deutsche Lufthansa (DLH) AG, Hamburg

Since 2015


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